PPC Powerhouse: Dominate Google Ads With Our Services

Pay-per-click is a revolutionized advertising model. It operates the whole process in such a way that an advertiser pays every time somebody clicks on their ad. It is an effective way to buy visits and drive engagement. On the other hand, marketing strategies like Search engine optimization take months to yield organic traffic. It helps businesses to reach the right audience at the right time. At Small Business Tech Supports, we work as Google PPC experts to facilitate an efficient and rapid result-providing marketing model. Our team works closely with you so that we can understand the work and objectives of your business properly. It helps us run the ads accordingly. So, you can sit back and work on your business’s core activities while we ensure that your targeted audience knows about your services and products.

Why Only Small Business Tech Supports?

There is a specific set of steps that our team as a Google Ads expert follows to complete the process of running pay-per-click ads on popular search engines and social media.

Ad Auction

Our team of Google Ads experts bid on the keywords and phrases that are relevant to the targeted audience. An ad auction takes place whenever users type such keywords in the search window on popular search engines like Google ads related to those keywords display.

Ad Placement

We select and display ads on the basis of relevance, ad quality, and bid amount. Relevance and quality play a pivotal role as the most relevant and high-quality ads appear prominently in search results, websites, and social media.

Keyword Targeting

This is a very important part of the process. Our Google PPC expert selects specific keywords and phrases to which their ads will show up on different online platforms. Reaching the audience is not enough but reaching the right audience is the secret to popularity and credibility. For example, if you are selling third-party tech support your ads must reach people who are working or running IT firms. Therefore, the keywords should be relevant to the products, services, and content you are offering.

Bid Management

Our Google PPC expert goes for the maximum bid that business owners are ready to pay for each click on their ad. The actual cost per click is usually lower as the auction system determines the final price on the basis of competition.

Ad Copy And Extensions

We create ad copies that include various important information like descriptions, headlines, and calls to action to encourage your business’s targeted audience to click on their ads. In addition to that, some ad extensions like site links, location information, and call buttons are also used to provide more information.


Landing Pages

Whenever a user clicks on the ad he will be directed to the advertiser’s website. Therefore, we ensure that the landing page contains relevant information that can describe the product efficiently and that no incompetent content, headlines, videos, or images are there.

Conversion Tracking

Our team tracks the performance of the pay-per-click ads by measuring key metrics such as conversions, clicks, and return on investment.


The best part is that we optimize the ads to improve performance and get the desired results. It includes optimizing landing pages, checking ad variations, refining targeted audience, and reevaluating bids.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

The advertising and marketing industry is evolving rapidly and pay-per-click is one of the most efficient products of this evolution. It does not only amplify the reach but also allows business owners to know about the needs of their targeted audience. Apart from that here are some benefits that make this form of advertising on top of all other marketing methods:

  • Highly targeted Advertising – Businesses can target their ads to specific demographics, areas, times of the day, languages, and even devices. This precision helps them to reach their audience faster and in addition, a lot of time and effort can be saved by neglecting the wrong audience.
  • Immediate Results – Unlike search engine optimization, PPC yields faster and more prominent results. It can drive traffic and engagement from the very first day. All the business owners have to do is launch the campaign or hire a Google ads expert like Small Business Tech Supports.
  • Measurable ROI – This form of advertising provides detailed analytics that can efficiently measure the ROI. Business owners can track performance by monitoring key metrics like clicks, conversions, and impressions.
  • Flexible Process – Google ads expert can customize and optimize the PPC campaign keeping the performance, expectations, and budget in mind. It allows them to experiment with keywords, ad creatives, content, budget, and targeting options freely to inspect various results.
  • Brand visibility – PPC shows ads on various platforms, so, even if users do not click them they see the ad and their mind gets familiar with the business and its services. So, their mind pushes them to click the ad the next time when they see it because the familiarity makes them curious.

Overall, PPC allows businesses to reach their audience faster and they do not even have to do anything for that. Google ads experts facilitate their progress by bringing more consumers. In addition to that these ads enhance the popularity and credibility of the brand.